Non IT people controling the IT departments and ruining the development culture.

No one (where i am from) anymore considers the software life cycles, initial r&d work, normalized relational db or using proper algorithms. All this stuff is critical for critical systems but people just want the softwares to work on the front end and make money, no matter if its all duct taped underneath. And I strongly believe this is happening because of non IT people and marketers sitting on top of IT departments.

Computer science people have kind of lost all respect. They are constantly yelled at by non IT people and asked to do year's job in months.

This makes me sad

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    I, for one, don't put up with that anymore.
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    I'm not saying this doesn't happen, but I don't think it is commonplace in most industries, nor will it ever be. In 30 years I've never worked in a dev environment run like this.
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    @Root good for you
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    @Robinha lucky you. But I think this is becoming a common thing now.
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    It's a huge problem in the industry. The real work begins after a product goes live. ROI is always at the heart of whether a team can implement. QA, scalability, security go out the door, too.
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    @cjemison l recently was at an event held by amazon. It was supposed to be about empowering women in IT especially in the gulf region.
    I attented it to network with fellow women in IT but there were a very few people that actually had IT background. Even the speaker herself was a non IT working with amazon. All she talked about the entire time was how it is not necessary to have IT background to get job in IT sector and how she got to all management positions without any background knowledge.

    We were supposed to think of it as a positive thing. but for me tbh It was very disappointing. They are having these huge events at these fancy places to spread the word.
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    @monrichi So she is bragging that she is managing something she doesn't even understand? That would make me absolutely livid!

    I've had so many managers like that and not a single one has ever made a decent development decision.
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    @Root a good manager surrounds themselves with people who are better than themselves. You don’t need to fully understand every last detail if you have trust worthy people around you. I’m a hands on IT manager and have just recruited my own replacement as I’m going to focus on software. But I know many people who aren’t hands on anymore and are still brilliant managers down to their people, budgeting and being able translate into non tech speak skills.
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    I would look for another more sympathetic company, apply for that job and if they would like to work with me, I would quit my old job.
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