If I have to hear chocolatey, Choco, nuget, or coded ui much more, I'm going to vomit up my spleen.

Give me *nix or give me death.

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    Yells out: Choco


    Nuget packages

    Nuget self-hosted server

    Choco install nuget -y

    Now can you take a picture of you vomiting your spleen?

    I swear Linux fanatics are filled with hate and anger. All of which is caused by frustration built up because their fav OS doesn't work properly 😂
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    When in doubt, say fuck windows without any reasoning!
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    Not a Linux Fanatic. I use Windows for gaming, and have for years. But when automating CI/CD is 10 times faster and easier when you've got a *nix environment/stack...
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    Yum! Those words are apt to make me homebrew some for myself, which I'll eat through like pacman.
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    @datawraith Yeh, and the licensing... a 1200 fucking pages book to explain the basics of it.
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    @ralnivar Yep. Additionally, it's a space and resource hog. A Windows install needs an EC2 at least twice as big as one that will run a *nix install.

    PS to all: I really like working on my Mac, too. Stay mad. :p
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