does anyone here still play pokemon go?
I downloaded it again recently and the game really developed and it is a lot more fun than it was two years ago

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    Nope, never even downloaded it
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    Nope. It's boring. Even Ingress wasn't as boring and grindy as Pokemon.
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    @irene its a lot easier now, there are group raids where you can get tons of ex end legendaries
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    @TCPizza those pokemons are not the meat of the game unfortunately. It's just a collectible element to hook people in the game.
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    Eh, when I'm bored. Just got level 26. My code is 9681 4521 5365 if anyone happens to be almost as bored.
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    I lasted a day when it was released, never went back.

    Give me a Pokémon GBA port for mobile and that’ll be another story.
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    @C0D4 install emulator, run rom, profit
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    @Tsaukpaetra sent you a request
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    @irene iPhone, the only emulator out there crashes like a bitch since ios11 😕
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    @TCPizza Accepted!
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    @C0D4 EW, iPhone 😖
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    no, I stay with Ingress, much more fun and the community is in my eyes much better
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    When I tried it, the system was really stupid. You had to go to cities to get pokemons instead of discovering the countryside. Did that change?
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    I haven't opened it for about two years. I'm not into collecting, and there is no real story or gameplay, so...
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    There is now
    There are missions and a professor oak's apprentice is giving out missions to get more pokemon and unknown pokemons
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