So... When is devRant going to get a mobile progressive web application? What features do Android and iOS offer that devRant need that are unavailable for the web?

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    Answering a question with a question:

    Why is a "mobile progressive web app" necessary?
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    Imma punch this dude in the chest
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    So, we already have mobile apps that provide the best features for devrant.

    Why do we need progressive apps?
    +1 on the punching
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    There are going to be platforms other than Android and iOS. Developers tend to use them. Are you going to build a native client for every obscure mobile OS that every developer is going to use?
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    @MoonOwl and you think the solution is to run everything in a browser.

    That is what google wanted with chrome os, did it work?

    Native will always be faster and have better device integration.

    Progressive apps is a patch for low budget projects or products that do not need a native app, it does not replace native and never will.
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    Imo this is a good question, I hate that everyone is abandoning PWA's in favor of platform-specific apps. Perhaps bcause PWA's dont have the same levels of access to the device (eg spam you with notifications, gain access to user data)
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    @mundo03 So I'm guessing Twitter is a low budget application with no need for native whereas devRant needs it? To sign up for an account if I'm not mistaken you need to use the native app. Why?
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    @MoonOwl twitter has a native app.
    If they have a progressive shit is to run on low end phones with low storage.

    However, twitter has never asked me to install their progressive shit, so I think you are confused.
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    I also think you know what I mean.
    I bet the progressive twitter app is slow as shit and a reduced experience, the native experience should be better. So it applies in my point anyway.

    Devrant is meant for mobile, if you don't like it you can download other clients for desktop too.

    If you want a progressive web app for devrant, guess what? It is open source, create it.
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    @mundo03 don't bet try it. I read some tweets that says that they like the Twitter pwa much more than the native version.

    I bet you would be surprised...
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    @JackToolsNet I don't use twitter that much :p
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    @mundo03 😁 well probably the fastest Twitter version
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    as long the devrant apps are not really native apps, but still built with a web based framework, could make sense a PWA, so you can provide exactly the same experience across browser and apps with the same code base.... of course everything would change if the apps would be really native ones
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