So building a game engine and everything's internal name is wood/axe/lumberjack themed...

Started work on the scripting language and gave it the code name faggot script... Took me 48 hours to realise I should probably change that...

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    Avatar confirmed.
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    @nikolatesla um.... Is there something I'm missing with this?

    Or is just referring to my avatar being a lumberjack haha
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    @lxmcf definitely the latter 😂 Also I always forget how common and innocuous that word is outside of the US especially.
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    @dreadedbytes Thought so haha, you can blame @JoshBent for mentioning I look like a lumberjack, stuck ever since...

    It's not common in australia at all tbh, if you actually got called a faggot here it would almost mean your their friend 0.o
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    @lxmcf haha I don't even remember that, all I remember is saying that the engine should definitely be called that I believe
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    @JoshBent Pretty sure it was all the way bac when I did a face reveal and had the bushy beard, beany and flannelette shirt, since then your name has been etched into my brain ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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