Someone stole my CC number and paid a bunch of spam ads on FB with it tonight. When I woke up and blocked it, there's been already 400€ worth of transactions done with it :(

But the real rant is that it took 3 fucking hours before I managed to get in contact with someone at FB who could actually help me. Fuck those AI chat bots & "Tenk yu kom agan" support guys!

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    Wouldn't it be easier to just chargeback it?
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    Why contact recipient of the money?

    Contact CC issuer to block the card. Go to the police, make a report. Send it to the CC issuer, they'll take care of the financial part and cancel the transaction.

    That's how it worked for me.
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    @ddephor @arraysstartat1
    1. As I said, I've already blocked it
    2. Card wasn't stolen physically, so I can't report that
    3. None of the authorisations has been processed, that can take up to 9 days and until then, there's been no illegal activity for the police to investigate, or for the bank to give me chargeback, but FB can choose to abort those authorisations
    4. If someone has stolen my CC details, chances are they've stolen other peoples' CCs as well, so for the well-being of other people, I can at least get FB to ban the offender and prevent further transactions form their side
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    The card does not have to be stolen. You can block your card any time you want, especially if there are suspicious transactions.

    And I'm not sure facebook will do anything before there are any legal claims. I assume they get thousands of such requests every day and not all of them will be true.
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    This isn’t Facebook’s problem, it’s yours and the CC issuer’s. As mentioned above, file a police report for CC fraud and get in touch with the issuer for a refund.
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    FFS guys, I've blocked the card first thing when I saw what happened. Can you even read?

    Second, if you sell something to a person using a stolen CC, you've got a fucking problem on your own, because you won't get your fucking money. And by the time bank tells you about refused transaction, the scammer will be conveniently unreachable. Considering card issuer recommended that action, perhaps notifying FB was in fact a good idea.

    Anyways, a followup: I already got my money back (~4 hours), with much less hassle than getting a police report & waiting for card issuer to confirm a fraud and issue a cashback.
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    Any idea how they got it in the first place? 🤔
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    @sladuled I've been on vacation recently, chances are some POS terminal there wasn't on a secure network. I have to double check, but I don't recall using it online outside a handful of reliable payment providers (PayPal, Amazon, ...)
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    @hitko shiiiiit o.O
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