I absolutely love it when C# programmers who never learnt any language outside of their bubble discover C# is not the most feature up-to-date programming language. I am honestly annoyed by people who can read Java syntax but can't read ML syntax (because it is too 'clever' to be used in production). What a bunch of mediocre COBOL programmers!

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    Shadenfreude is not good look. Comments like these say more about you than the folks you are complaining about.
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    @monkeyboy I got into a fight with someone who claimed C# has a clearer syntax and then he went on to go, "look! It even has var". They complained that the examples that are often given in ML or Haskell syntax are confusing. I told them just like any other language they have to learn. And that's when they pulled the 'clever code' card.

    Can I be blamed for not caring about their unwillingness to open up to the possibility that maybe the entire world is not revolving around Oracle and Microsoft
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    C# is definitely not comparable to Haskell in any way. C# is object oriented and Haskell functional... it is not even like comparing apples with pears, more like comparing grapes with bananas.
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    ML-type syntax can be really confusing at first if you don't know any ML-type language, and honestly the whole culture of worshipping "experts" who want to write their entire program around the commutation of a co-commutating co-monad with a monad transformer or something doesn't really help.

    That being said, yeah, being open-minded is definitely important.
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