Quite confused between choosing one out of two job opportunities

Little background - I am currently working on my own startup/project. I have been thinking of taking a break from it, for now, for various reasons, pick a job, earn some more experience and money, and get back to my gig after couple of months.

18 months ago, I had to choose a framework. I decided to go with Vuejs, and I feel, I made the correct choice. My motive was not to select a framework for job market or prepare for job, but to learn the best framework for project ( Good learning curve, easy, and fast )

Just recently, I got internship opportunity at two good startups (one YC selected and one funded), one using Vuejs and other Reactjs, which will be converted into full-time job.

The advantage with vuejs startup is, I am good with vuejs and looking to use it in future also. But with reactjs startup, I will have to dive deeper in reactJs in coming 2-3 weeks, which I don't think I am going to use in future for personal projects.

Compensation of reactjs startups looks more than vuejs company. Around 20-30% more. Vuejs company had asked for 3 month internship, while reactjs company will decide to convert it to full-time in a month.

Have anything to say ??

*Vuejs is adapted from and bit similar to angular and reactjs*

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    I think you should take the framework out of the equation while deciding. It's not like you are going to be using VueJs for the rest of your life. And you should be able and willing to switch frameworks as your dev needs change or if something better comes along. Only difference is since you are comfortable with Vue, you'll be more efficient and productive while writing code as compared to a new framework. But I don't think that'll be a huge deal in the long run
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