Bus stations running on Debian..


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    If the same thing had happened with a Windows driven station, it would have been like "haha look how lame Windows is".
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    @Fast-Nop that wasn't really the point of the rant :)
    Here in Germany almost everything runs on Windows so this was just a very surprising discovery
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    This is nothing. In India ATMs use Windows XP 😂😂😂
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    @navneethkrishna this is actually supppper common. WindowsXP embedded is very widespread, even in so called civilized countries.

    I am also baffled that any infrastructure in germoney runs linux, especially after lobby works that rolled back existed linux infrastructure like in munich
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    @BurnoutDV fun fact: the Linux community has been part of these lobby efforts. Whenever a user criticises Linux or even expects that it just works without tinkering around, he will be met with a hostile "fuck off, use Windows, you idiot".

    But when users do follow this advice, like in Munich, the Linux community also complains.

    And after having driven users away to Windows, the Linux community wonders why on earth hardware manufacturers don't overly care about Linux except for servers.
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    Thats great. That govt using linux.
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    @Fast-Nop is that so? i was under the impression the major in munich had some fancy totally unrelated dinners with microsoft represantives. But i have never looked into it.

    I made it a habit to mention linux support each time i speak with represantives of various hardware and software products. The always seem confused that people actually consider linux support something relevant. I act as if i deduct points for the lack of linux support. I dont, there is noone who offers more than token affort lx support.
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    @BurnoutDV "part of" sort of implies "not all of", doesn't it? Of course the new MS HQ in Munich played an important role. But MS is the one player in the whole game for whom it really makes sense to get users to Windows.
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    @kenogo The program was probably closed because it froze. It's pretty cold in Germany recently. :D
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    sudo rm -rf /

    *Executes without any warnings*
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    PPL: "What is this symbol for?"
    You: "Oh thats Linux Debian"
    PPL: "Whats that?"
    You: "An OS like Windows (ommitting a judging statement here like better or worse)"
    PPL: "Really? Not a mac?"
    And at this point you stay silent and watch the mindblowing unfold in the eyes of the one who only knows of windows and mac.

    Part 2: He/She goes gome and asks her/his programmer friend what Linux Debian is? With a shock and sudden burts of tears realizing to have finally found the long sought nerd mate the programmer friend always wanted, the road to marriage opens...
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    Info system in buses in Prague running Puppy Linux 🙃
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    Wow! A bus station display running Debian! Notice how it isn’t functioning properly.... 🤔

    I feel it is necessary that I clarify I am kidding.
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    The world should use more of Linux. #HailFreedom
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    @Fast-Nop you were faster than me and than also: "windows sucks, switch to linux, linux ftw"
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    Why does this rant get so many likes 😂 I guess people really like bus stops
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    It just looks like xfce.
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