A 12-week coding Bootcamp won't turn you into a full stack web developer.

It's like a diet it takes time, it's not over in a few weeks even if you start intensive and really commit to it.

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    Perhaps a full slack 9gag developer? Specializing in side end development?
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    I lost 10kg in about 6-8 weeks and went from obese to normal (27->23-24 BMI). So not that good comparison.
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    @arraysstartat1 borderline obese isn't the same as 500 lbs/227 kg obese.

    There's also gonna always be a "yes but" case for every analogy. In the vast majority of cases, his analogy is pretty accurate.
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    @arraysstartat1 Training a brain is way different than shedding some pounds.
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    @arraysstartat1 here in freedom and obese starts at 30 BMI
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