Real devs try to have knowledge in all three major lines of OS so they don't have much trouble using a different OS at times, even if they absolutely don't like it.

You can still like your favourite OS and use it the most, of course. :)

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    Real devs prefer debt free virgins without tattoos
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    My party dresscode is tattoos lol
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    Real devs realize that there are generalists and specialists...
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    Uhm no. Just no. And why no? Because multiple people can have multiple reasons as for why not to use an OS.

    I refuse to use windows for my own personal reasons but if that makes me a bad dev by default I guess I should just go fuck myself.
    By that logic, because I don't trust windows because it's closed source and the company behind it is integrated within worlds biggest mass surveillance program (same with macos/apple by the way) and thus don't/refuse to use it, I suddenly can't be a good dev? Bullshit.

    Whether or not you choose to use (or not) something has zero relation to whether or not you can write good, maintainable code and everything related to that.
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    @linuxxx Rephrase: bad dev should be not a real dev*
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    @linuxxx You know, you at least have a reason not to use proprietary OSs. I'm mainly talking about the devs that usually don't give a single fuck when if comes to things being proprietary but complain about Windows solely for the reason it's by Microsoft, even because of any issues regarding surveillance.
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    *not even because...
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    @Root Whatever.

    I personally started hating Windows within a certain week where it only caused trouble (with all causes being a direct result of Windows issues, no drivers or anything causing third-party funkiness).
    Still, trying unliked OSes keeps you open-minded (imo), and is also a good way to remind you of the good choice you made with your own OS ;)
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