Having a question regarding build number semantics (Im working on android app for that matter)

My current app build which is released is 5.3.6 (build number 94)

I already merged one feature to develop but haven't released it.

I also finished working on another feature but haven't merged it to develop yet.

Now my question is should I make a new build (5.4.0 with build number 95) and just merge to master, then release to google play (it would contain both two features)

Or should I make a new build 5.4.0 bn 95, merge to master, release it. And then make another build for the second feature 5.5.0 bn 96 and release that as well?

My reasoning would be to go with 2 separate builds and versions (in case my second feature messes up, I can revert it and also it will be easier to manage versions).

But then what about users: will they receive two updates from google play or only one (the latest version) ?

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    Assuming git....

    You can revert the merge.

    More versions are not a good idea imho.

    Reason is mostly that you create new versions to solve a problem which should be solved by the VCS.

    (git merge commits, git bisecting for example)

    If u do not use GIT, similar stuff exists in other VCS, too.
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    I say it depends on your users. If they are demanding both things, release as one. If these are things you came up with release as 2.
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