Today I:

Me: "You wrapped 2 p tags and one div inside a button tag....why?"

Other dude: "What do you mean why?" * in condescending tone


I lost my shit.

To make things short. My manager told me I have to try harder to not speak to people in intimidating ways.
In all fairness...mr "associates in programming with 0 css experience" WAS condescending when I asked him why he did what he did.

The little shit earned it. And he will probably think twice about his damned tone when speaking to me.

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    Yes, adding unnecessary things into a button is always great
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    Coz p1 needs to be left aligned
    And p2 needs to be 2 sizes smaller and right aligned and be completely different font.

    ... I hope that’s his reason ๐Ÿคจ
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    I'm here intrigued about why he did that with the button
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    Calm down it's a workplace, not Jerry Springer. I think you're manager is on to something.
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    Ion even knew you could wrap shit inside a button ctfu
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    @C0D4 you would use a class not a p or div!
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    <p class =“p1”> ๐Ÿ˜ </p>

    I’ve seen some scary code in my life, so if you’re going to go to the whole, let’s make a button not actually be a button then this is plausible.
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    I've never really done any webdev in my life, but that sounds like a stupid and pointless idea...
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    @Krokoklemme putting two paragraphs and a block inside a component which is supposed to hold a single label, yes by all accounts, it is.
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    @NotWhoIUsedToBe i really appreciate my manager. But thus far in this project, this dude has continuously pushed shit code and talked down to others as if he were superior. He thinks he is superior.

    So, thanks for the amazing advice, but I am gonna NOT do beta shit and handle business my own way.
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    @Krokoklemme it really is pointless and stupid
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    @C0D4 his reason, later on when through questioning was that he had reused the code from a button that he had created earlier and placed it in here to reuse code.

    I tried explaining to him that code reuse is fine, but not like this where it doesn't make sense.
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    Just to add to this shit. If y'all think I go guns blazing at every single issue I have with others then you are wrong.

    I am nice to everyone, and sometimes unapologetically kind. It is because of this that when I am fucked with I explode. Being kind gets confused with weakness around here quite often and I am most definitely not weak.

    At the same time, I am a firm believer that(especially) in a work environment one needs to get that good "he is awesome, but don't fuck with him" fame.

    I am not where I am making the kind of money I do because I am a pushover.

    Furthermore, this dude is absolutely rude most of the time, even to my sweet manager, and because she does not know how to be mean she finds every possible excuse for this asshole's behavior.

    So fuck him really, I like him when he is not acting up on his depression and other mental bullshit. But I am not willong to put up with this asshole behavior.
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    @C0D4 @helloworld you would use a div.

    His problem was using a button AS a div. The whole portion would push down when clicked, and that on itself was hilarious
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    Little shit's condescending tone was in response to your condescending tone.

    Yeah, yeah. Sure, you know a shitload of HTML and whatnot, but he doesn't... So, you teach him. And if he rejects your help, then, you could MAYBE adopt a condescending tone.

    When about to talk shit or in a shitty way to others, just remember you have been or worse, will be in the same position too, so don't be shitty unless being shitty to.
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    "dude is absolutely rude most of the time"

    "I like him when he is not acting up on his depression and other mental bullshit"

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    @telephantasm read what I posted before smart guy. You are making your own backstory to my situation.
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    @telephantasm shit man if that was hard for you to grasp I have no clue how many social interactions you've had.

    I will be honest with you. If you were there with us, and you would stick up for him saying what you are, he would have told you to fuck off, that he doesn't need you to meddle in his shit. That is how superior he thinks he is.

    He has lapses in which he is no acting like that. Like a day out of the week, in which he can be cool. Every other day he would treat you like shit and blame it on his unchecked "depression"
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    "smart guy"

    Hey, thanks how did you know :)

    "making your own backstory"

    Yup. Could be... I replied after reading the rant and read the other stuff afterwards.

    ...It could also just be that you're also cunty at times and just angry that that fucker is cuntier. Like he should cunt down to your cuntyness.

    Sorry, I'm bored :'(
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    @telephantasm nah man, see you seem to believe that i was an asshole to him first. Asking him why he did something is not condescension.

    The reason why he gets responses the way he does is for a reason.
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    I’d imagine that part of your conflict comes from the fact that while you believe that you were asking him a simple question devoid of hostility, you began the question with “you”, described something he had done, and ended with an interrogative. “You” statements often are perceived as accusatory in nature and the response of most humans to accusation (regardless of how well-founded it is) is defensiveness which generally leads to escalation.
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    @telephantasm asking why something was done a certain way is condescending? Lulwot
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    @pk76 Read AmyShackles' comment.
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    @AmyShackles i honestly believe thar part of the conflict comes from him believing to be above everyone in the office. Even the projects lead developer(me) and the department manager.

    You are 100% right though, such questions are often perceived as hostile.
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    @pk76 i don't see it wrong either. Some people might find it hostile, i can see how, but i wouldn't be offended by the question.
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    @AleCx04 I get your point, although, it doesn't make sense that HR would put up with a guy like that (with mental problems as you put it). If he's like you describe him, he must have complaints made about him by other co-workers.

    I wasn't defending the guy, but just pointing out that you approched him in, what SEEMED TO ME, an acrid way.

    Anyways, if you're that annoyed by the guy, just write a complaint and have HR deal with him.
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    @telephantasm we live in a somewhat strange city man. It's very hard to get fired where we work at. I don't hate the dude or anything, and wouldn't want him to get fired cuz I know he needs the money. But damn bro, them attitudes get on my nerves from time to time and I just lose it sometimes.
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    @AleCx04 hard to get fired in the US? Is that even a thing? ๐Ÿ˜‚
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    @Commodore you would be surprised :P
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