What are some good wunderlist replacement in Mac? What note taking/todo apps are you currently using and why?

I have Fantastical 2 and Boostnote. Heard that Taylor Otwell uses Bear (not cross platform/apple eco system only)

Currently I'm checking/testing out Onenote Mac app and so far it is good. Next I'll check ticktick and any.do

Thanks! :)

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    I was a big fan of wunderlist, but now i just use apple notes. You can store and share all kinds of things and create checklists add urls to notes etc available in all your devices. No real need for other software.
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    I play habitica and gamify my tasks there
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    For notes I use Simplenote.

    For what I need (simple text notes), it is perfect, and it is avaible on OSX, iOS, android, Windows and Linux.
    And on the website, of course.
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    I am an old user of evernote ...
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    Todoist is great. Especially the smart date parsing like "every sunday at 3 pm starting next month".
    The free version is probably enough for most people

    I wouldnt use something thats locked to the apple eco system tbh.
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    @taglia didn't think I would find another simplenote fan here 😁

    Trello for projects, tasks and related notes.

    Simple Note for personal notes.
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