How many of us here suffer from depression or any other mental illness? And how does it hinder you from living your normal life?

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    I cannot get up early in morning for workout because I don't get sleep at night.
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    I'll go. I have been recently diagnosed but have been suffering for around 8 years now.

    It destroyed my life. I was in a much better form and now I'm a shell of what I used to be.

    I only feel weak and pathetic even though I'm on medication now. I'm never comfortable with myself. I have social anxiety, I can't sleep, focus, think clearly, make decisions, or even talk to people without stuttering.

    This turned into a rant rather than a story. Sorry about that.
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    @sunnyDeveloper Me too. I got sleeping issues.
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    Take the pill and cope with it
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    Im startin 2 get into gang shit and i know its bad but im just so dissociated that ion care
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    I also have both sleep issues and social anxiety disorder. Recently I've started to sleep in two sessions a day but I can do max 3 times out of 5 a week. I do this coz during night I can be really productive instead of suffering afternoon. And my anxiety, well, I'm in a new school and I never talk. If nobody is fucking with me I have no problem either, outside school I'm not comfortable with talking to anyone. I accept that part coz I'm ok at my computer so I don't need human contacts
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    I have depression, social anxiety, and ADHD. I never managed to get a Bachelor's Degree because my ADHD would prevent me from completing work, then I'd start skipping class out of shame due to social anxiety, and then depression would take over and I'd fail right out of college. I wasn't diagnosed until I was 25 and by then, I had failed out of three different colleges.

    That said, once I started seeing a psychologist and a psychiatrist, my life improved immensely. Now I have a job that I love and the beginnings of a social life.
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    Come from a long line of people with mental illness, but was stubborn and didn’t want to admit that I had a problem. Thought I had depression and knew I had anxiety. People closest to me knew how bad it was, but I didn’t let it dictate what I did -would just feel stressed and anxious doing just about everything.

    Wasn’t until someone I knew got diagnosed as an adult with ADHD and had me do the external evaluation for him that I realized that a lot of my symptoms were congruent. Went to a psych that specializes in ADHD and was put on medication to treat it.

    Honestly didn’t realize how much it affected me until I was no longer going about daily life thinking of every scenario that could result in injury to myself, those around me, or that which I loved. Like, “Wait, y’all don’t go outside and have an active list of unlikely events that could happen and then constantly update it?”
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