Well, yes. My boss accepted my 'test' project to be build for production use, stack is Laravel, Vue, a little Python.

It is divided into phases where as I have now month and a half to finish phase 1.

You agree I will finish the first phase in time? (24-2) Keep in mind I still have other projects I'm working on.

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    Betcha a dollar you won't
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    No idea. Phase 1 could be a weeks work or 6 months work. No details to estimate against.
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    @C0D4 6 big features with sub features to port. Running Vue big for the first fime
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    @karma you'll get the dollar personally if I don't but we'll see...
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    @Yvan nah man jk, u'll make it 👍
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    We need it by this Friday. We've promised the customer a demo Friday morning...
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    @iAmNaN hahaha, glad to not have that feeling. :)
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    @iAmNaN by Friday? Where do I get those kind of expectations?

    Sales: Wow hold up, ive already on boarded the client, this is a built in feature they expected an hour ago to seal the deal.

    Me: well it’s not.

    Sales: well if you build it now, it will be.

    Me: 😡🔫
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    U can do it
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