For fucks sake!
Why does every god damn distro have their own tool to generate initramfs?!
I just spend over an hour to find out that Void-Linux uses dracut and to find documentation, on how to use luks with a dracut-generated initramfs.
Seriously,Arch has mkinitcpio,
Fedora has dracut,
Gentoo has genkernel and I suppose the other big distros also have their own tools.
Why can't we standardize that shit on one of them?

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    genkernel is a script which generates a kernel - a wrapper around dozen utils / commands.

    genkernel can use dracut or generate an initramfs 'programatically' (see sources code).

    dracut was designed to be an distribution Independent framework for generating an initramfs.


    So... Dracut is an modular approch to generate an initramfs - instead of, like Arch, generate the initrd via one command.

    Or to put it in one Line: dracut was the approach to make generating an initramfs distribution independent.

    Like some other stuff from Red Hat. E.g. *cough* systemd *cough* pulseaudio *cough*

    All projects share the same "problem" - in my humble opinion - red hat devs designed it without much approval / communication with other distros.

    As another, maybe easier history topic, look at the convoluted development of RPM.
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