I have nothing to rant about today, I'm actually pretty happy. Life's pretty good, I'm getting stuff on track to graduate, really feels like me and this girl are starting to become something more than friends. Everything's just good right now.

Anyone else just happy about life?

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    Time to wake up
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    Signing new offer letter today for a JS developer job

    * Happy whistle
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    I'm glad you feel good about yourself. More people need to feel good about themselves, even if you don't see any good in life...... It gets better
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    Just moved into a new, muuuch nicer place. Happy as a bird, listening to music and enjoying life :)
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    I stopped with dating and got an overview on all of mine side projects. It's now time to write/deploy them to azure and start to use them! Also got a new ritme going for me in the morning so I can get more/better sleep!
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    @muffledMitosis true, feeling like shit only makes it worse, gotta appreciate some little things on your life to make it better
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