LINUX is a pain :/

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    But Linux is also freedom...
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    It's a pain at first, then your pain tolerance goes up and you also develop resistance so you can live in it like a fish in the water*.

    *Gills not included in mainline repo due to licence terms limitations.
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    @2erXre5 Free DOM? Who doesn't like that?
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    @Linux @Linuxxx guess you guys are a pain lol
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    In Windows when you search for "how do I do X?" you get a program (.exe) that does X. You click to download, then you click to execute. Windows is for mouse people.

    In Linux you get a (set of) command(s) that does X. You open a terminal, then copy paste. Linux is for keyboard people

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    Everythings a pain.

    The question is how you deal with it.

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    @webketje Depends, my parents and sister use it for daily usage stuff, I use it for daily usage as well, gaming, programming, office stuff, webbrowsing, server management.... etc.
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    all uppercase, well... yeah, i guess

    Linux properly written is fine 😉
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    @linuxxx true, I meant as a more-than-casual-but-not-necessarily-power-user.
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    Linux think you are a pain too
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    It's a pain, but it's worth the difficulty.
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    @Floydian I see what you did here :D
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    You are taking risks starting with that!!!
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    Linux is awesome.
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    Freedom to run any code you want.
    Freedom to modify and distribute your own project fork(s).
    Freedom to rebrand and sell.
    Freedom to do whatever the hell you want (so long as it's allowed under GPL2, which is basically everything you can think of).

    Linux is absolutely freedom.
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    @Floydian If it was easy, it would be useless.
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    @Floydian Free as in freedom and free as in beer? Yes.
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    Pft. Virgins these days. /s
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    So is reading this rant </3
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