Im new in my job now Im working for a half year and my boss is frequently saying to me that Iam stupid and useless.
I don't know but is this kind of normal?

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    No, that's not normal. Your boss is what we'd commonly call an asshole.
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    It's not normal. I hope you find another job and quit soon. Also, when you quit just tell your boss "You need to take time off to figure out who is actually the stupid and useless person here"
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    Ask HR is dis normal lol
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    Boss should have used the probation period to end your contract, that's usually half a year. That is, if he really thinks you are unsuited for the job. But like this, he just makes an idiot out of himself.
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    where are you from?
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    Time to find a new job. Seriously.
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    Depending on where you are, there’s laws against this. Google verbal abuse at work and TAKE THAT BASTARD TO COURT.
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