Which skills and platform do I need to focus as a ASP.NET back end developer? The .NET development environment is so massive, I really don't know from where do I need to start. I do know basic C# syntax and was studying C# 7.0 in a Nutshell and stopped temporarily because it introduced too much concept that I don't need for now. Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you!

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    Entity Framework,
    MVC.NET / MVC Core

    I can recommend Mosh's online courses, he explains it all really well.

    Also ReSharper helps you a ton because not only does it give you a range of super useful features, it also shows you recommendations on how to make your code / formatting better in real time.

    Try ReSharper for a month with the trial license, you'll probably be as sold as I am.
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    @beggarboy thank you so much for your advice! It is helpful for my study plan! :)
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    @creativeJay Don't mention it. It's super hard at the start just to get a grasp of a language or framework.

    Took me long enough myself to get a bigger look around ☺️
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    For purely back-end, look at EF, WCF, gain some database knowledge e.g mssql, and get familiar with rest api's and how to create them in asp.net,and get really good in C#.

    If you also want to do some front end,.dive into mvc as well, experiment with some razor views etc. Asp.net is not only back-end as there is also a clear front end component in it, but you don't have to use that if you don't want to.
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