how deep does your favorite language is ...

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    Shouldn't assembly go lower?
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    @FrodoSwaggins I mean, I like python.
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    To be completely honest I'd say haskell cobol c c++ c# python are all very good in my opinion but I'd not say it's that easy.
    Long story short every language has an easy part and a hard part but I'd say the placement isn't right...
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    @krz1 he just said language, not programming language
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    well I was about to say something about ZFC being an overkill there and PA alone is Turing complete, then I saw HTML there
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    I don't see BASIC. Like, *actual* BASIC, not QBASIC or w/e.
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    This shit is wrong on so many levels
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    I like to swim above the ocean, but you know, sometimes I like to dive deep ;)

    But when I dive, I dive _reeel_ deep
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    It's a joke
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