Windows is failing me!
BSOD'ing on me regularly

All hail GNU/Linux

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    Welcome to 1997.
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    What were you doing? I'm using both Linux and Windows regularly and doesn't have problem with any of them.
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    What was the question btw?
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    Excuse you. It’s a BSOS (Blue Screen of Sadness) if you are using Windows 10 now. Hence the sad face.
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    @Zerocchi Im using both too, and I'm taking good care of my systems.
    Might be a SSD fault or Windows update fuckup... Can't tell yet will have to look into it today
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    @Ederbit hopefully nothing serious
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    95% of the time the BSOD is caused by user's fuckup, not the system.
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    Just saying that you couldve possibly gotten the old windows update. Or some hardware is fucking up
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    What have you done to your poor poor kernel
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