So I was just about to post a whole long rant about something breaking with an update. But I literally just found out, the whole thing was my fault because I changed something. I feel so fucking stupid. I went on a rant in a Discord chat with a couple friends, blamed fucking everything I could possibly think of.

Then I remembered when I tweaked a config file just a few days ago. "Maybe that has something to do with it....?" YUP, I'm a bit stupid.

Basically I changed an environment variable, and the variable I was referencing in it isn't being set (which is an issue itself, but I can figure that out), so instead of looking in that folder, it was looking in the root directory, and I was getting some permission denied errors cause..I was running the program as my normal user. Of course I shouldn't be able to write to root as a normal user.

I guess I'm a bit stupid sometimes when I'm sick.

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    Don't be too hard on yourself. We all already did stuff like that. :)
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    Dude. We have all been there. One time, I tried to reboot a server that was in a colocation. Except, I hit shutdown. On a weekend. During a release. We were all working the weekend, trying to go by the numbers so we could go home. I was popular that day.
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    >be me
    >set up a new server
    >raging about network setup not working
    >try installing all the drivers
    >hey dumbass, you turned them off in the BIOS so it wouldn’t boot from network
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