WHY is Win10 such a PIECE OF SHIT !!!

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    windoze 10 is complete GARBAGE !!!
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    "Winblows suckssssss"

    *Completely fails to provide any logical reasoning*

    Welcome to devRant, you'll fit in with many people here :)
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    @FrodoSwaggins and even worse experiences Ive had with Linux distros. But if I rant I do give reasons.
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    @FrodoSwaggins It does indeed have it's shit show problems.

    But at least provide legitimate and logical reasoning other than "it sucks!1!1!!!!!"
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    Perfect rant. And well multiple reasons why it sucks.
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    Win10 sucks so that even such a stupid rant can get some ++ on devRant.
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    Windows 10 update service uses all the resources of the pc, even the notepad takes a minute to open. Win 8.1 on the other side, still has the option to just check the updates and not install them until you say so.
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    @irene teach me then
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    Win10 is pretty good considering its predecessors. Ive never had blue screen in 4 months thing which would have been different before.
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    How to make it suck less:
    - don’t use insiders builds - ever.
    - don’t install random shit at will
    - don’t update drivers manually
    - don’t be a power user and change things
    - don’t turn off all privacy related toggles
    - just install and let it run
    - now that it’s stable again, await an update that will break something.
    - refer to top of list and await another update to fix the last update.
    - when Windows is no longer usable, format hdd and start again.

    Source: I’m a windows user.
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    Because your using KMS shit that's why, No offense.
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    You could schedule or force stop updates in windows10 too
    It just takes few tweaks, google it.

    Speed is an issue with windows 10. It gets grumpy by time, I agree.

    But notepad taking time to open....
    Never heard of this 😂😂😂
    Did you made this up 😂😂😂
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    Welcome to the squealers club bro 👍
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    There are some downsides to windows, but it just doesn't suck. Yes Updates are inconvenient but you can turn them off, it's not heavy on the resources and is user friendly all in all. Also there is .NET and a larger community. Despite people saying "but actually there are more viruses for windows" I can say "you know the most produced airplane to date? The Boeing 747. You know the most crashed airplane? The Boeing 747. It doesn't mean that it's a bad plane, it's just that there is a lot of it produced so of all planes this model is most likely to crash". Same with windows. If GNU Linux was the most popular OS there would be viruses for it. So chill out about windows being a mod OS. It really isn't.
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