I may have received the best email ever all these years (and a year as a Lead).

A client acted as a boss telling me to "work this weekend to finish the project a little earlier"

Enjoying my cereal so far..

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    Good. Dont be a pushover
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    What kind of cereals?
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    Act as his boss and instruct him to pay you more.
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    Act like he is your boss and strike
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    Fuck his wife
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    @ganjaman that escalated quickly
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    @ganjaman what in the world
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    @whisperer work this weekend for free? No overtime payment? I did that before just to meet the deadline. Some sacrifices sometimes oh well dev life or work life.
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    @ganjaman Boss wife is a Thai tranny-saurus rex 🤡
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    @Devnergy the thing is we are not in a tight deadline, and he is a client of a company, not me directly. Sending me (personally) a message like this won't make me work.

    Sacrifices have been made for projects we were running out time.

    Of course no overtime payment.

    Even my boss laughs with him.
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    @whisperer ouch no OT payment is "overtime thank you" 🙄 OTY. We usually do that a lot lol with no offset. Such is life
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    Claim a temporary inset of amnesia that occurs every Friday and dissipates slowly over the weekend as you relearn all of your personal history and skills just on time to be a fully functional member of society on Monday morning('ish).
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    @kgbemployee "Yeah if you could stop describing me I would appreciate. Thank you!"
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    @rEaL-jAsE you wan fuckin go eh
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    @rEaL-jAsE 😏➡️✴️😄
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