During interview about possible spying by Huawei President of Czech republic said few minutes ago that he will do his best to try to negotiate our stand with China, since he does not see any problem with possible spying, because its common practice of trade war between tech giants. He later added that he does not think that leaked names and addresses might be any problem "What would people do with such an info".

I mean... what difference would make if he had a lobotomy?

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    When I was young there was something called phone book with phone numbers and addresses and nobody cared. Maybe he’s just old man and remember those times when nobody cared.
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    Thats exacly what I thought... He just dont understand how data in large scale are relevant today :/
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    USA Facebook selling people data all the time and nobody care.

    USA Google analytics javascript code embedded on government sites - nobody care.

    Chinese huawei gathering data everybody moan about it.

    I see the pattern clearly.
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    I hate how everyone is blaming Huawei for spying while there is no evidence... This is pointless fighting, what if they are actually innocent?

    If Trump makes up something it does not necessarily mean it is true. He made this up because of trade war and now everyone believes it blindly.
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    If u know about some evidence, let me know but as far as I know there is exactly nothing.
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    At this point is impossible to make a stand... everything we got is warning from us, which we all know is beefing with China. But what made me want to roundkick someone is the fact that he shits on data leak.

    When you stop caring about any leakage you are just adding to some huge bullshit to happen :/
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    Would be harder for NSA to spy chinese electronic so they start yelling 😂
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