Hey everyone - just a note on rants about politics: we've had a long-standing policy not to really allow any of them. So if you post one and see it quickly disappear from the feed, that's why.

We've gathered a lot of feedback on this and Tim and I both agree that Facebook is ridden with posts about politics and one of the more refreshing aspects of devRant is we've kept it free of that. It's also an aspect of Facebook that many people I've talked to really hate.

Thank you, and feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

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    Can't we delete it from the entire internet? :)
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    @veslav you'll have to ask Google for that.
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    Is there a regex filter? Let's see..πŸ€”

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    That would explain why I haven't seen any of it. I thought everyone was just that disciplined. Either way, thanks.
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    Thank you. I come here to bitch about office politics, not which clown is running the country.
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    Lets ++ this so dfox can give himself a stressball
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    No to Politics on DevRants!!!😠😠😠 Thats why i joined devrants and left facebook, twitter, etc...pls no non-developer news here. Thanks.
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    Thank God for sending out this communication! btw, this is the best rant of the day :P
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    @OMGtechy some people complain about anything slightly off-topic which I strongly disagree with and think there should be freedom in that respect. We aren't very strict.

    However, we're of the viewpoint that politics just don't fit here and the overwhelming majority of our users don't want to see it. I known Tim and I definitely don't.

    Yes, we're a community for devs, but the point is you have a community of like-minded people to talk about tech with and have fun. You can really talk about politics to anyone - your friends, family, Twitter, Facebook, and the audience is there. Political talk normally divides, becomes hostile, and just overall creates a tense atmosphere. It's certainly not something we're looking for here.
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    Awesome :-D
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    Thanks @dfox. DevRant is really no place for politics or general crap. That's what Facebook is for.
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    Are posts being deleted, or hidden from the feed?
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    @OMGtechy If we start talking about things other than dev stuff my friends on Facebook/Insta/Twitter will promptly move in here too. It *should* be for exclusive dev stuff. Or at least remotely related to it.
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    Oh, so that's why they disappeared! Thanks a lot @dfox.
    Damn, I like devRant more and more
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    Couldnt you make a poll here about it and let devRant decide about it? #democracy
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    I absolutely loved that I came here, and saw almost no posts on politics.
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    Thank you @dfox & @trogus! I appreciate everything you guys do to keep devRant awesome!
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    Thank you!!! I hated seeing those! This is a place I can come to relax without having to deal with that crap!
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    Thanks for this.

    @dfox for president!!
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    @oo92 come on, no porn. Thats a bit steep ; )
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    What if Trump posts a rant asking about spaces versus tabs?
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    @oo92 no need to point out "no shitheads" here. That's inherently obvious by the name "devRant."

    Now if it were called projectManagerRant, that'd be different.
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    Best part of devRant is no ads and politcs. <3 devRant.
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    @lnplum isn't there a report button?
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