What do you think about this?

I will need a new laptop soon and I want to go back to Linux. Is it worth it to go for something in there, or is it better to get a any other machine?

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    Had a few of them at my last job.
    Just terrible to say the least.
    Bad drivers, worse build quality and way too expensive.
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    Looking at the price for the specs it's a rip off. Hardware wise it's not an ideal linux computer either. For the price of the lowest notebook they have you should beable to buy the same thing with windows and a extra ssd to replace the hdd with windows
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    Thanks @lyckligtax and @PerfectAsshole . I'm just not the type that likes to invest tones of time deciding which model to get for any technological stuff, and also quite new to Linux, so I felt that was an easy solution. Now seeing the negative opinions (you two and a couple of friends agreed basically word by word), I won't take these laptops into consideration
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