Linux users can relate 😂😂

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    That's because Linux users use ClamAV
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    Linux users can also relate:
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    @Fast-Nop haha that's fucking accurate
    atleast we have wine or related software to run small applications
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    @Fast-Nop Used to be that way haha, I now play around 5-10 games on Linux, most are windows only but steam play ;)
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    @linuxxx can you let us know which ones?
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    @kindacoder Top of my head:
    Spec ops the line
    All games of the saints row series
    Cities: skylines
    All games of the sniper ghost warrior series
    Payday 2

    I forgot the rest, will look them up when I'm at a computer again!
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    To install my software run that nice shell script as root :D have fun
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