I can't emphasize enough how accurate this is 🤦‍♂

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    You're probably in a bad company. A good marketing team does not drown its dev team ;-)
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    @react-guy Hahaha oh really?
    Any big (or even small) company that provides software development solutions to clients WILL drown you in work just to meet the deadline.
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    it's funny for a developer
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    @Lyubo nope, just bad ones. Or maybe you don't communicate efficiently enough.
    Anyways, it's too easy to say "that's not my fault but the rest of the world! ". If you see it happen and let it happen, it's as much as your fault as anyone else's.
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    Accurate 😓
    One of the reasona I resigned from my job last month
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    @Lyubo drown with tasks hehe
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    Marketing: Yes yes my programme can do all of it ...
    Developper: NOT ...
    Marketing: make it append 🤪😦😶

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