People love to be opinionated.

If for whatever reason you don't like something, you are gonna shout. If it does not affect anything nor improves anything - you gonna shout!

Seems familiar? Yep. Talking about devs. Opinion is everything here and the louder you shout - the better.

Oh... And not forget long discussion for a 30min fix! This is a mast

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    That unfortunately works for everything since people lackign a brian have a tendency of associating "loud" with "right" (cf. a guy that got elected president only by claiming others were wrong).
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    @Jilano This is sad but true as people often mix up confidence with loud voice. Loud voice is not everything....
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    @Alice NUH HUUH! I'm the righest. Can't be more right that I am. And I got proof of how right I am in the person of @rEaL-jAsE.

    I rest my case, your honour.
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    @Alice Are you? Didn't convince my yet
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    @Jilano Forgot all caps and exclamation marks, sorry, she's more right at this moment
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    @potata Erf, damn it...

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    @theKarlisK I smell a seed of sarcasm there but yea, it isn't all black and white :) Sometimes shouting is great to prove your point if noone listens or assumes that your idea sucks.

    My rant was more or less because people tend to shout even if they are wrong but they still get social acceptance as they were the loudest :)
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    Even with the high sarcasm content here, this discussion is a little ironic for a site whose purpose is specifically for shooting, ranting ...
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    @rEaL-jAsE Come on, jAsuS, don't say that. I saw you giving water to that half conscious koala earlier. We know you care!
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    @potata HERE, HAVE A ++ FOR YOUR THOUSANDS!!!!!
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    @ethernetzero wooooo, didn't notice it, thanks!
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    What I think is even worse are public groups on facebook. There people that are complete strangers to each other just blame someone of something, they curse at each other, and much much worse.

    X: Hey man, you have that car part for sale. How much you want?
    S: 15 is enough
    X: no way, you used it didn't you?
    S: yes like said clearly in the ad
    X: what kind of fucking retard are.you?
    S: excuse me?!
    Y: oh wow look at his profile. Damn this dude is a loser! Look at.your ugly face hahaha
    Z: Hey S, your mother is a cocksucking whore! Does she suck you off good?
    S: wtf.....
    Q: Show some respect Z!
    Z: go fuck yourself Q! Give me your address and I'll come beat you up, you idiot retard!
    W: Haha look at that! Well, Q looks like a downer and S like a retard! Whaha the retared duo!
    Z: and what do you want W? You're just as dumb as the rest on here. Asshole

    You get the point. Stuff like this happens daily. So sad. So pathetic it almost makes me want to cry.
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    @CodeMasterAlex To be fair, these insults are nothing compared to the butt-hurt at this moment. To be diving to that topic, there is nothing worse than people actually getting offended by anything there is on the net.

    You can bare with the hate, even tho the society doesn't really accept that but "cool dudes" will always be like that.... You can't change it :(
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    Opinions and feelings are entirely irrelevant, and focusing on them only cause issues.

    I'd also like to add preconceptions to that list.
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    @Jilano @theKarlisK

    No politics.
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    @Root yep, but that's what drives most people :)

    Also, politics is a sensitive topic we should not touch :D
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    @Jilano yeah. Even those that know a Brian think they are right too ;-)
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    @Root My bad, will not happen again, pinky swear

    @ftyross Right? Those Brians... Always in the kitchen...
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    Don't agree entirely. Although I'm strongly opinionated, I always bring valid arguments.
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    @linuxxx you see, when an opinion is with arguments - it's all fine :) whrn arguments are weak and you just shout because you can - then it's a problem.

    Point of this rant was for those who shout without any real argument :)
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