I need some help with advice regarding getting new headphones, as my current ones are quite literally about to fall off my head. Thing is that I have a hard time finding what I want, and even then be able to determine stuff based on reviews.

My current ones are a pair of Turtle Beach Ear Force Z60, which is my first headset to have surround sound. They also sit very comfortably on my head without really pressing on my ears at all, and the audio when playing games is nice and clear. Unfortunately that has now set the bar pretty high when trying to find a new pair.

I tried out a pair of HyperX Cloud II, but I can't configure the settings and the surround sound doesn't seem to work at all (there seems to be a "gap" between one o'clock and three o'clock, so to speak, as well as between nine o'clock and eleven o'clock). I tried listening to a 7.1 audio clip, but the only ones in the right positions were center front and left and right fronts. The left and right sides, and left and right rears were all at the center point. And besides that the audio is unbalanced and just... not quite muffled, but not clear as with the old ones.

Thing is also that I don't know crap about audio stuff, like if it's got to do with me doing something wrong in terms of drivers or hardware or something, or if it's actually got to do with the headphones themselves. I've tried to find info but there's just none to be found, it seems, at least nothing that works. :(

Currently I'm considering trying out another pair from Turtle Beach, but it's so hard to trust the reviews. I mean, like the Z60 has pretty halfassed ratings, but I personally like them a lot. :/

Does anyone have any advice at all? Whether it's recommendations of headphones, or ideas on things I could try on my end to make things work.

AND, side note; I don't care for any comments along the line of "surround sound is bullshit, just stick with stereo, it's better", because 1) I don't agree nor do I care, and 2) it's unconstructive as shit.

I'm thankful for any ideas or advice you guys may have. :/

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    I'm curious, where did you try the HyperX Clouds? They were what I was gonna suggest since I've had mine for quite a while and they are the best headset I've ever had.
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    I own the `HyperX Cloud Revolver S` * and I'm very satisfied. I use the 7.1 for gaming but I never did one of those 7.1 test audio clips but I'm willing to do so and report back to you.

    * Heads up; only the S-variant has 7.1, the normal one is just stereo
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    Does it have to be pseudo surround sound?

    If not i would recommend the Beyerdynamic DT770 they're german made and sound awesome that's the reason those are used in radio and recording studios worldwide.
    You can get them for $160 and they will last you for at least 10 years.
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    I like my Skullcandy Crusher wireless over the ear headphones. They are great for gaming or music. I haven't tried the 360's but they are supposed to be even better. I also use a pair of AKG over the ear studio headphones for when I need to hear what is going on around me.
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    @Elyz I bought them, they're sitting on my desk currently, but like I said, my problems might very well have to do with my computer as well. Motherboard, OS, missing drivers or whatever, bugs even. Again, audio stuff really isn't my forte. If you have any ideas on things to try I'm all ears! (... No pun intended.)

    @ThermalCube I've seen the Revolver ones when looking around, how are they? :o And did you get around to testing with one of those audio clips?

    @heyheni Like virtual surround sound, you mean? As far as I know headphones are *technically* always only virtual? :o Either way, I've never heard about that brand before, but since both you and @iAmNaN mentioned studio headphones, I might take a look and see what I can find in that. :)
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    @Navigatr Just came home. I had my suitable exam to start my training as a paramedic this evening. Will do "tomorrow"
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    @ThermalCube No rush! Good luck with the exam! :D
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    I passed the exam. Training starts in March 😊
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    @ThermalCube congratulations!
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    @Navigatr I finally got around to test the surround sound. I find it convincing and couldn't find any "gaps" in the sound profile when it was rotating around me.

    Hope this helps you to make a decision
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    @ThermalCube I ended up getting another headset, a pair of Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 450, which I like a lot more. :P Will be returning the other ones.
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