What should be the salary expectation in Berlin Germany for a 10+ years experienced senior software engineer?

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    @tkdmatze That’s an excellent link, thanks. I’ve considered moving to Germany/Switzerland for a while to live near the alps and that’s a very good resource for a foreigner to compare against.
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    @Diactoros Salaries in Switzerland are usually higher than in Germany (straight outta university you could probably ask 75k-85k and get it), but cost of living is higher too
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    I have been in UK. So I have a good idea about cost of living, taxes, expected salary in comparison of India. But I have no idea of Germany.
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    75+ should do.

    45 is the entry thing. 55-65 is mid level.
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    Even I believe it should be in between 75-85k. Finger crossed for the interview now
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