How do you choose your distro?

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    "How much pain am willing to inflict upon myself today?"

    Truth be told, I've been meaning to try BDS for the longest time but life happened.

    Welcome, by the way!
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    If(canItGetShitDone && smallSized)
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    good support on x86
    Geany support
    GDK 3 support
    light gui

    bcuz I've still got an old 1gb ram (1.33 GHz) dust collector
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    I look at how easy it is to setup and if it's easy to customize. (I want the options but want an easy to use system as well)

    Lastly, debian based is preferred in my case.
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    Is it Arch? Install it.

    Is it not Arch? Install Arch.
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    I didn’t choose it. It chose me.
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    @FrodoSwaggins how are BSDs for graphics stuff? Gaming, video editing, 3d content creation etc?
    If OpenCL works decently then BSD could be a great platform for content creation
    Though the content creation industry seems to be pretty invested in RHEL and its derivatives
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    I looked at distrochooser.de and disagreed.
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    I have just a bag of my favorite ones, in that bag are:
    Arch Linux
    Haiku (should we even count this as a Linux distro?)
    Mostly things I'm used to use on everyday basis. I just like them. Also, I'm in love with some stuff like BSPWM, i3wm, Awesome and my fav. one, Xmonad, try that Windows Managers.
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    @melezorus34 what are you using rn? I have 2gb bur still struggling
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    @FrodoSwaggins I would also like to have you feedback on *BSD, please.
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    @CoolSonu39 although I may be the last person to have slax 6, I highly recommend porteus. But don't use install, use a ext4 partition and extract the iso there, run syslinux.sh and vice versa. Otherwise it locks itself by having no root users, just your guest account.
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    I like Fedora because it's a good combination of bleeding edge software and stability due to it being backed by a multi-billion dollar open source company!

    The install process is nice, the repos (especially with RPMFusion) have everything I need, and it's been solid since setting it up.
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    @-Tor I've heard that this https://www.trueos.org project was getting quite some momentum (based on FreeBSD), but not sure if that would be the best choice to start.
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