A FuckFace guy today did this
FuckFace and I both hate Apple

FuckFace hates Apple blindly and hates everything related to Apple and can't even justify shit

I hate Apple for their stupid decisions

Then we meet a guy who is a friend of our boss I started to tell him how I don't like apple and I leave the conversation

FuckFace enters the conversation stupidly makes some fucking stupid comments make the other guy angry and now our boss is telling us shit about how we should not do this and not do fucking that

I had nothing to do with this shit I am gonna stab FuckFace tomorrow

So in our CS community specially from where I come from ($ecurity) people, we have long debate about how Linux is superior from those Mac and other Apple line ups

I mean I use Linux everyday as my primary OS for CTF for coding and basically everything.

But can we fucking for once acknowledge that Mac people have better UI than us?

Like go to the gnome theme store for god sake we have fucking top 10 filled with various kinds of flavors of apple UI from icons of la capitaine to mc cruise gtk3 themes

But still people blindly hate everything about apple
I mean I hate their overpriced ass and other stuff too but the UI IS SAUCE

Linux peeps no hate though
Apple peeps you guys are going to tangle in your dongle's one day 😊

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    The window management is horrible on Mac OS. Just wanted to add that in.
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    @dontPanic The functional part is crap and I agree on that but the looks of it is sure eye candy
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    Depends on preference. I fucking hate the macos UI, love the one of KDE Plasma!
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    @linuxxx KDE has the most insane fucking defaults ever
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    @R0GU3 That's an opinion, not a fact :)
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    Honestly, the UI and lack of freedom is why I dislike apple products. I can't take that weird iPhone screen with its shaking apps, I can't take the cancerous Mac file navigation system, I don't get why Mac doesn't have portable executables (exe files on windows) and why it doesn't have apt-get.
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    Second thoughts, I'm gonna link my friends here when they ask why I dislike apple
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    Just preferences. I love my cinnamon

    Also i hate apple for their overpriced shit, and their osx for being soo porly optimized for older models.

    Thruth be told I love the mac books just for their metallic build and no moar
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    @EV-EV wait wait wait, so on a mac, you can't just copy some random program on a usb stick and run it somewhere else?
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