Dear colleagues,


Yes, you are one of those that are responsible for giving JavaScript a bad name and using jQuery for FUCKING EVERYTHING!@#$

Start thinking for yourselves, ditch this shit before it's too late and learn how to write some actual fucking code. The information is out there, you can do it. If you need handholding with $.each, creating concatenated strings with error prone code to send them in one field to the server, just to explode it back there, then consider that the world doesn't need your BULLSHIT code and go and get a job you're actually good at. Stop ruining it for the rest of us.


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    Yes, but it also brought people who wouldn't touch JS with a 10 foot pole before.

    Now you just include jQuery on every view because the one loaded in the footer isn't available yet and you need to wait for the domready event in your inline code!
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    Jquery is good for crossbrowser details but it should not replace everything. Or you will not be programming in js but in jq ;)
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    I'm not saying jQuery is bad, but because of it's simplicity, people with no knowledge tend to abuse it.

    It enforces bad practices, and no where on site is there a guide how to use it 'properly' for newcomers.
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    @g-m-f i blamed my colleagues ;-)

    Yeah I know, it was in a heat of a moment after digging through some crappy code for the whole week.
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    Agreed. jQuery is a waste of resource if you don't need to support prehistoric browsers.
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    Attention whore :p
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