Wikipedia says that a nerd/geek lacks social skills. They should see this amazing community, thanks DevRant :)

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    It's easy to appear sociable on the internet!
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    @drRoss sure, but I think this community is much better than any other social community out there.
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    I hate you all :)
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    I can usually socialize online just fine. I can stand in front of a room of potential clients and do well enough to have a reasonable expectation that I will get the contract. If we're one on one and it's not business, I'm quiet and can barely talk despite having 10,000 going through my head at once. Ha!
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    That should have been "....10,000 things going through my head..." oops.
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    @RichardH You guys are amazing, really. I feel free to say things without fear of trolls or being not understand by others. Love <3
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    i hate things and everything but I'm a lovable fuzzball
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    Thats so stupid :(
    You can have great social skills but being social is not your top priority.
    A common introvert-nerd trait this is.
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    @monolithicblob good point! :D
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    Nerds and geeks have the most stable and dedicated communities though, i mean look at comic con and anime expo
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