Had a four hour retro/review yesterday. Plus a mini demo I had to put together. Three hour sprint planning session today.
And they still wanted me to go to some "company values" meeting tomorrow, aside from the weekly call I have to report progress. Fuck that shit.

I feel like I got nothing done this week. Monday and Tuesday were fine for the most part, but since it's been just complete idling.

I mean, I love my company, great coworkers, good management, and just all around great experience. But man, it gets frustrating when you lose so much development time... I wanted to sprinkle in some extra goodies for the next sprint, but it doesn't look like that's gonna happen.

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    Four hours for retro&review is kind of “normal” for my team. And at least 2h planning. Yes - we don’t get shit done. NEVER achieved a 100% sprint goal in almost 2 years... I know that feeling of wasting time pretty well. I feel you...
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    Agile is cancer.
    Change my mind.
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