So last week I got my second 3D printer. I have done a few prints with it and this weekend I wanted to connect it to an Octoprint instance on my Raspberry Pi. Yesterday everything went great, got some plugins installed, changed all settings within octopi, connected it to my network and this morning I thought let's connect it to my printer and try to print something with it. But everytime I executed my gcode it gave an error about the heated bed not being able to heat up. Even though I did see all communication between the printer and octopi, on both ends.
I've disassembled the build plate to see what could be causing the heating issue. Did not see anything. Strange...

I assembled the whole thing again and then turned on the printer and tried printing again. Hmm, now it does work, why? Me thinking a bit and then realizing that before I didn't hit the power switch on the printer and apparently the Pi gave enough power through USB to turn on the display and do basic logic like doing beeps on touches and changing variables on the screen. The worst thing is that octoprint gave me warnings about low voltage on the Pi even though I was using the official Raspberry Pi power adapter...

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    Debugging step 1: is it plugged in?
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    @electrineer it was plugged in, and everything seemed to be working. I did not expect my pi to power the whole machine.
    But yeah I should have turned the machine on and off, I did do that with the pi, which seem to turn the printer on and off as well.
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