So hanging out with my in-laws tonight. It apparently is super bowl Sunday. I don't know a damn thing about football and could care less about it.

Them: who do you think is going to win?
Me: I guess the better team?

Them: yes but who are you rooting for?
Me: don't know who's playing?

Ahhhhhhhggg I can't stand sports people.

And there they are yelling at a TV like someone on the other side will actually hear them.

Does anyone else have a similar situation?

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    I'm the one yelling at the TV.

    Fuck Tom Brady
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    I like important football games on sunny summer weekends because they make streets free for riding my motorbike.
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    I don't yell at the TV but I've definitely yelled at my computer monitor as if a compiler can hear me.
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    @EmberQuill ahh yes but compilers listen and then it works and you are all happy. Then you go to run it on the target machine an it doesn't work again. And then the yelling starts all over again.😜
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    @EmberQuill sure.. but people were yelling at their tvs well before microphones were installed.

    At least there is a *chance* that the compiler *could* hear you previously :P
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    Super Bowl sunday? I think you mean Marvel trailer sunday :D
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    @telephantasm There wasn't one this year, was there?
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    @cursee Let's see

    They let them play too much (missed some penalties that should have been called).

    Both teams had a fairly decent run game. Nothing spectacular.

    Roger is a fucking clown everyday.

    The Rams had one fucking job.
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    @Stuxnet Avengers End game
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    As always with sports people, carry on? Dont put your unknowledge in the face of people, maybe mimic them, have fun with the food and being around people. Its a social event about something you may not share, but you share those people, so by proxy you are now a 2nd degree sports fan. Could be worse. Enjoy the evening.

    I used to watch super bowl with friends without knowing anything about it and it still was fun. Same for football, i was even to a few live games with friends. Just share the moment, the game has no meaning anyway.

    Edit: football as in europe football, the thing where you actually hit a round ball with your foot.
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    @EmberQuill You are not the only one 😂
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    @cursee hmm I must've been taking a piss or texting someone when that came on lol
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    @cursee thanks so much that was great!
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