The biggest passion of them all, for me: music.

In my case this is rawstyle/raw hardstyle/hardstyle but especially the most brutal rawstyle.

I love the energy it gives me and to listen to the techniques the artists use and also that, after a while, while the kicks all sound the same for many people, immediately identify the artist behind a kick when even hearing it for the first time (90 percent accuracy).

I'd love to produce it but I lack the skill set to do that as for now 😥

A tattoo related to this music genre is coming soon :D

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    I remember once that I was on my way home in the bus from idk what and two guys where next to me playing music fragments they recorded at a rawstyle festival and they were completely in love with some songs they recorded the fragments from but no music identifying app would pick them up.

    Ended up identifying (approx) 47 out of 50 songs for them. They were so fucking happy! (Loads of fragments were literally just a few kicks, little bit of melody or a few words of lyrics)
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    I'm more the metal guy, but as this is pretty "hard" as well, I can kind of relate to that (the energy thing and so on). It makes me happy when people love music, as I make music myself. It brings people together :)
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    When I saw this rant I instantly knew it was you :P
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    I've been addicted to Muse's Simulation Theory album lately. Particularly this song called Algorithm. If I put that on repeat and start coding, I'm not getting off of my chair for the next few hours
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    Like @undaunted I'm more into metal, but I do appreciate harder music.

    However, I will say that right now I'm REALLY into more pop sounding music, like Panic at the Disco (I am in love with Brendon Urie, he's just a beautiful man in every way possible). A couple of my friends got to see them in concert last week, and I was so fucking jealous.

    I don't really know how to end this, but..yeah. I appreciate harder music, but it's not really my preference.
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    I prefer lofi beats, mellow beats druing morning and night time
    and electronic during the day
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    @linuxxx Wanna share some good names? 😄
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    @Kandelborg It varies for me but right how I'm very much into these:
    Enemy Contact
    Malice (my all time favourite, NOT the metal/rockband but the raw Italian duo)
    Radical Redemption

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    only read "rawstyle/hardstyle" and already knew it was you ^^

    you, sir, have a decent taste in music!
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