If I have existing code stored in a local folder/git repo. What is the easiest way to upload it into Gitlab?

I'm thinking of SourceTree for the upload.

GitHub is sorta my professional profile. I want one for the old, unused, and nsfw stuff.

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    gitlab? Bitbucket? Self hosted gitlab?
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    @ScribeOfGoD oh... Oops forgot I was asking about gitlab
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    speed is not the problem. every client should be the same in terms of upload speed.
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    @stop I was asking how since it doesn't provide it's own client.

    GitHub, just add the folder to their app and click Publish
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    Gitlab doesnt have a desktop UI or app like GitHub does; if you're not familiar with the command line version of git then I would highly recommend.

    The basic process is (from git bash inside your project directory):

    - Create an empty repository on GitLab
    - Add a "remote" pointing to your preferred clone URL (https://gitlab.com/user/repo, or git@gitlab.com:user/repo)
    - git push (remote name) master and whatever other branches
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    @tokumei so have to create each repo on the site first? Can't just add a local repo and sorta say create a new remote repo for it and commit everything to it.
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    @billgates If you have an existing repo locally and want to push it online, you have to go through that process, yes. You can copy a repo that is already online to your machine with git clone.
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    git remote add origin <new-repo.git>

    Followed by

    git push -u origin master

    Should create the remote repo without the need to create it manually on gitlab first
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    @schug thanks, so no need to first create the repo in the browser?
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    @schug Today I learned something new, thanks!
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