Yeah boss, lets study Scrum extensively so you can:

- Create variable length sprints
- User stories that are meaningless like 'fixes'
- Tasks that should be User Stories
- Duplicated tasks/stories that are on the fucking backlog already
- Cross sprints on projects
- No meetings at fucking all to determine who will do what
- Assign people on vacation to current sprints

The list goes on...

An when I point things like that out lets just look at the guy who spent 6 months studying this shit, taught you ( at least tried... ) as if he is saying nonsense while our projects get delayed and our code spaghettifies because we are always in a hurry for lack of time to plan anything :)

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    Unfortunately Scrum and 'Classic' Management/Managers are hardly compatible.
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    we stopped using all of the shit and went back to a nice fucking whiteboard and markers.
    Productivity went through the roof, and everyone is happy.

    "Agile", or the form of "Agile" that was forced on us by companies like Atlassian can suck my dick!
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