Well, guys... Every time I'm facing a weekend, I expect the whole days just coding, developing my own apps for Android. But in fact I'm loosing my time watching videos online, playing games, procrastinating... What's wrong with me?

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    I've said it before and I'll say it again. The weekend is the worst time to work on side projects
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    You're just enjoying your weekend, nothing is wrong
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    You're human...
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    @antoni4040 I wish I would be like a C3-P0)
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    @SanchelliosProg I was thinking of something less gay, but whatever you wish...
    (joking, no problem with gay people)
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    @antoni4040 Ha-ha))) Didn't ever think about c3-p0 in that way)))) You are dangerous!))
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    Do it on weeknights. Sleep 7-10pm then code 10-2am. Go to work next day and repeat. But weekends are sacred as sabbath!
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    I second everyone saying you should code on weeknights... discipline yourself to commit an hour or two every day on your own project, and take weekends off
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    I understand on a deep personal level.
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    I thought I was the only one, I do not walk alone 😄😄😄
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