Amateur astronomy, even if I'm no longer doing astrophotography. This is an old photo, I made this in 2010 (it's the Andromeda galaxy, an easy subject).

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    Wow, you must be something to have clicked a photo like that 👌
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    That's incredible! Astronomy and astrophotography is something I've been interested in too, though I've only really got as far as photographing star trails.
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    Wow, that's amazing! Seriously I'm amazed.
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    Amazing and wonderful.
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    Do you remember how long the exposure setting was ? @xonya
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    heck yeah. that's what i'm trying to do. when we have clear skies again, that is...
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    @wowotek It is a sum of 19 shots, each one exposed for 15 seconds at 1600 ISO, made with a reflex and a 15cm newtonian telescope.
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    @git-gud Clear skies are important but image processing can do miracles. I taken pictures from the garden of a small town and I usually had to remove an orange gradient from my photos to achieve nice results like this. Here it's how: http://astrosurf.com/buil/iris/...
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    Oh wow, this is awesome. <3

    I love astrophotography. I was surprised at how many stars I could capture even in a very light polluted big city with my OnePlus 5T and 30secs of exposure.
    Sadly, as someone who does not have a car and lives in a big city, crisp shots like these will probably remain a dream for a while.
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    This is an amazing photo!

    Just starting out in astrophotography as well. Other than the above replies do, do you have any other tips or tricks?
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    @Scratchy Thanks. Suggestions can vary based on subject you would like to photograph and your budget. You can have a look at amateur photos on https://www.astrobin.com for having an idea of which instrumentation is needed and which software people use.

    Another amazing activity is making a video of the ISS when it transits over the Sun or the Moon. You can use this site for calculating the next transits: https://www.calsky.com/
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