A pull request I made to an actual open source project got merged. I might actually be a real dev now!

(It was just to remove a snippet config, but still!)

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    Plot twist:

    It was really a readme update ;)
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    Ayy, congratulations. 👏
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    I was almost there too, last week. I installed a pip library, didn't work. Found the culprit in the code, fixed it; wanted to make a PR and found it was already fixed in the repo just not applied yet on the download page.
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    I know the feeling! My first contribution was when I spent hours figuring out how to do a PR on github to fix a typo, but when it was merged the moment was ecstatic :D
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    @jonjoe Man, this is the second time that I’ve made a post about contributions that someone’s joked that it was probably a README update. Is this a meme I am unaware of?
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    @AmyShackles a GitHub contribution can be literally any thing as long as it creates a diff and a commit.

    People sometimes pad their stats or maintain a streak by pushing grammer fixes to readmes or by commiting whitespaces :P

    It's a bit of a meme yeh.
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    @jonjoe Ahhhh. Yes, I'm aware of the practice. I just .... actually push code. Or notes about code, which I guess now is content on my notes application. Don't see a point making fake commits because if you think the contribution squares are important, you're defeating the point of them by cheating and if you don't think they're important, you're wasting your time for no reason, so it seems pointless.
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    PRs are like Sex, you'll never forget your first one! 😉
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