i'm starting to like reactjs over vanilla, but i can't help but remember how it suffers on npm's dependency hell. i mean just look at what happened before at left-pad. it makes you feel like the entire system is so fragile.

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    Look at WebComponents, look at stenciljs.com .

    I highly suggest it. Tons of flavouring for your pleasure, but all pretty much vanilla as fuck. Good cross-compat for modern browsers. I'm hoping to drop the last polyfill for FF soon (which are dynamic imports).

    React adds too many layers of abstraction and logic for UIs. Don't get me wrong, it's good, but I beg you (and the rest of the Internet) to stop the race to keep react first place.

    Use WebComponents for your base and extend using a Framework of your choice your complex business logic.

    I'm working with it right now and dropped it dirty into electron, it feels and is statisticly speaking the fastest UI I've ever seen.
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    @ScriptCoded how is vue better in regards to what op stated. I realize some vue user are like arch user these days but common at least read the thread
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