How my keyboard evolves:

0. Like any normal man, I started with a cheap standard Qwerty keyboard. As I began learning programming, I wanted something more elegant, so...

1. I've been using layout Dvorak (and then Programmer Dvorak) for like 5 years+ now. Anyone has intention to type on my machine soon gives up or even is blocked by me from the very start. It always takes a couple of minutes to explain to them what's going on here. They think I'm weird. I feel untouchable :)

2. My first mechkey was a 104-key Filco. Time flew by and I wanted my thing to be more compact so I went for a 66% and a TKL.

3. Recently I find out that though my keyboard is not a full-sized, there're yet some keys I've never touched (the bottom right modifiers, scroll lock, etc), so I look for a leaner one: HHKB and its alike but with slight remappings. Now I'm satisfied with the tiny, corners-trimmed keyboard but others look at it and ask how it is even possible to scroll the web page using the thing.

Prob 1: my boss can never type on my keyboard. Sometimes he still grumbles when he cannot correct my fouls right on my machine.

Prob 2: my keyboards at home and at work are not the same and some keymapping cannot applied to one of the two. That's async.

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    first step: sync your tools between places.

    I have the same logitech mouse at work and at home..it is total overkill at work but having the exact same mouse helps me a lot, the first few weeks were very weird to me when i had to constantly adapt.

    I could never stand non-standard qwertz keyboard layouts.
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    Interesting to find someone who actually likes small keyboards, especially being a programmer.
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    Starting the numbering from 0 was really extra.
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    @ceee making a comment just to criticize such a minor thing is really extra .-.
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    No, this is endgame level (except for me, this is just the beginning):

    Note that my ergo profile doesnt have any legends. I also like to keep people away from my computers :P

    I might steal this hobby for my wk142 lol
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    @BurnoutDV unfortunately it’s not that easy in my case. To be able to have some special keymaps it requires you to have a special hardware of the keyboard (custom PCB) rather than just the same software config. And building custom mech is often expensive you know...
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    @tokumei really nice! I always want to give the ergo a try. But it doesn’t give a classic minimal look which I would prefer over “hacky” ones
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    @svgPhoenix I always believe small keyboards are only owned by programmers. Who else wants such a gear?
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    I switched from mechanical to MacBook 12 keyboard and I’m happy with it. Throw me a rock but I prefer the way it feels over model m. Yes, I’ve tried model m
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    I had an IBM Model M for decades:
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    Recently got this for two main reasons, its backlit keys so I can type in the dark, and its narrower, so I can fit another keyboard on the desk next to it..

    I do miss the numberpad though..

    And \ key has moved from left to right..
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    @Nanos I hope I can buy the same keyboard as yours. I can't find any in my country.
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    @Nanos The extra keyboard on the left is something like one of these with a built in trackerball:
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    @Nanos Odd, I thought I added a picture to my previous previous post !

    I replaced the IBM Model M with a K63c:
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    Which, the IBM Model M ?

    Ebay is probably your best bet there.

    There are a range of models:



    > IBM Model M keyboard typing sound

    They make a lot of noise..
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    The K63c isn't a bad replacement, not as robust, eg. don't go dropping anything on it, or the keys will probably break !

    And it would have been nice if they did one with white LED's..

    But its cheap, and quite nice. (USB though, whilst the IBM model I had was PS/2)
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    @dralcanar you can get a newly made model m from the company called unicomp. They bought the manufacturing machines.


    also there is the tvs gold keyboard, the model m of india.
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    A keyboard should be like a piano, beautiful to play with.
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    @cervantes01 and blank keycaps
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    @buitrung I have some macros set up for navigation of my IDE and web browser etc. I would hate using modifier-key combos on a minimal keyboard instead of dedicated buttons.
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    @svgPhoenix depends on the need but 60-65% keyboards are really nice, especially if you can reprogram unused keys to map to your needs.
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    @svgPhoenix can you give some real examples? Not to mention vim and vimium, 'cause they are well known. I use spaceFN layout to make it possible to do lots of things in everywhere, not merely in IDE and browser.
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    @buitrung they're mostly for changing between different parts of my projects or opening up documentation sites, so sharing my personal config wouldn't be that useful.
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    @BurnoutDV i'd sync my shit too but laptops don't have PS/2 ports anymore and I like the analog precision and tactile drag of ball mice and a ball mouse with a USB end is very rare indeed...
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    @Nanos model m best keyb
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    @heyheni unicomp's keyboards are different, everything's much looser than the original Model M's.
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    @Parzi without looking, but at some point USB 2 ps/2 adapters existed
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    I could never find a USB to PS/2 Adapter that worked reliably. (Though I've been told of their existance !)

    I really liked a laptop I've got here with a thumb trackerball, its a really old model (W3.11) so not used much these days..

    I've not seen a laptop with the same kind of popup trackball since.
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