I've introduced git and github to my class, the teacher said that I gave him a good idea for a task that everyone would have to use this... Now I think everyone hates me Xd

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    Awesome! Good job man!

    It doesn't matter if folks hate you for this, git is truly great to learn.

    Try showing them GitKraken or other GUI's, that might help a lot!
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    I guess I should feel sorry for not being retarded... Yep, talking behind my back... I love this
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    @Kandelborg Thanks man! I use Gitkraken :) When I realized how it works I was like lol how could I live without this.
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    I'm not saying it's a good thing they don't like you btw. But having been on my own and choosing my own friends made me realise how happy I am for ignoring those people who slams others for making them get better at stuff.

    Its kommonly known that people who are insecure/threatened lashes out. In this regard, someone's intellect might fall shorter.
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    People are afraid of the unknown
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    They will thank you later..
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    What @DataJockey and @Devnergy said.. I know I'd love to learn about usefull things like git (or any kind of version controll really) at school/uni..
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